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Don't Serve Alcohol to Teens 


Most teens who drink get their alcohol from "social" sources - parents of other teens, older siblings, and other relatives and friends.  We Don't Serve Teens, a new national campaign to reduce underage drinking, is focusing on the social sources that may provide teens with access to alcohol.  The campaign's centerpiece is www.DontServeTeens.gov, a website sponsored by a coalition of public and private sector organizations, including the Federal Trade Commission, the nation's consumer protection agency.  The message to neighbors, relatives, and friends is "Don't serve alcohol to teens.  It's unsafe.  It's illegal.  It's irresponsible."

The legal drinking age in the United States is 21.  Drinking can cause serious health and safety consequences - as well as legal consequences for the person providing the alcohol.  Studies show that adults strongly support this law - a recent national survey showed that most parents said the drinking age should remain 21 or be raised.  But parents need help to make sure their teens don't have access to alcohol.

For more information on stopping teens' easy access to alcohol, practical tips on talking to kids about alcohol and alcohol advertising, and what to say to friends and neighbors about serving alcohol to teens, visit www.DontServeTeens.gov.



The Dangers of Alcohol

What to Know • What to Do • What to Say


Directions: The typist who completed this message about the dangers of alcohol made some funny errors. Some important words were left out. When asked to correct the message, the typist scrambled the words left out and put them below the message. See if you can correct the errors. Unscramble the words and then place them correctly in the message.


In spite of the ____________  ____________ that ____________ will make life more fun, it actually is a ____________. Just one drink can ____________ your ____________’s ability to ____________  ____________. ____________  ____________ and use good ____________. Alochol can make you slur your speech, messing up your ability to ____________. If you drink a lot of alcohol, you might even ____________  ____________.


hloaolc ____________

labck uot ____________  ____________

ainrb ____________

otmuinemacc ____________

meak ssondciei ____________

riimap ____________

dsseepatrn ____________

tduemngj ____________

iaedm gesmesa ____________  ____________

losev opermslb ____________  ____________

Answers Below


Answers Below




2010 Harlem Superstars


~ HES P.E. Teacher & JV Hazen Boys Basketball Coach Mike Baker

~ Hazen Union Athletic Director & Varsity Girls Soccer Coach John Sperry

~ JV Hazen Girls Basketball Assist Coach & Hazen Union Alumni Justin DeLaricheliere

~ HACC Board Member Karen Gates

~ Hazen Union Alumni Ricky Welcome

~ Lakeview & Woodbury P.E. Teacher Debbie Platka 

~ Hazen Union Alumni Lucus Stubbs


Below is the 2009 Slideshow from the game.


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Family Day - The 4th Monday in September



7 Secrets to Successful
Family Dinners

Start the pattern of family dinners when children are young

Encourage your children to create menu ideas and participate in meal preparation

Turn off the TV and let your answering machine answer calls during dinnertime

Talk about what happened in everyone's day: school, work, extracurricular activities or current events

Establish a routine to start and end each meal.  Light candles or tell a story

After dinner, play a board game or serve dessert to encourage the family to continue the conversation

Keep conversation positive and make sure everyone gets a chance to speak 






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